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Signs That Make You Wonder



James P. Smith



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It is almost impossible to name any part of the 21st century charismatic/evangelical church that has not been influenced by the teaching and so-called "signs and wonders" of the new "apostles" and "prophets" of the Prophetic Movement. The hearts and minds of millions of Christians around the world have been captured by larger-than-life personalities boldly claiming a special "anointing" giving them authority to "impart" the power of God on to whoever they wish, and making bold proclamations of private revelation directly from God; declarations of God raising up a special breed of "elite" Christian that will: Move in the supernatural; Perform "signs and wonders"; Breakdown spiritual strongholds; Be the cause of a global End-Time revival; Take dominion over the earth and earthly governments; Usher in the kingdom of God and invite Jesus Christ to return to rule as king. Sounds fantastic! Who would not want to be a part of that?But the question is: is it Biblical? Will this movement that has captivated so much of today's charismatic/evangelical church be the cause of a global End-Time revival or a widespread End-Time apostasy? It can only be one or the other!