Product Overview


Finding the Key


Unlocking the Truth of Galatians


Clark Logan



Product Description:

Many of us can recall the joy of finding a lost key after a long, hard search. Until we located it, we felt frustrated and helpless - perhaps we were unable to enter the house, or start the car, or open the filing cabinet to access important documents and valuables. This short volume has been written to provide a key that will help unlock for you the letter to the Galatians and introduce you to its many riches. Even a small key can open up great treasure! The apostle Paul wrote his letter long ago, but its message is timeless and its importance seems only to grow as the spiritual darkness deepens all around us. In a series of short studies this book brings us through the letter to the Galatians, outlining the flow of the apostle's argument, and highlighting the relevance of his teaching for the believer today.