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This is the amazing story of Stephen Jeffreys who became one of the most notable of the early British Pentecostal pioneers. Born in 1876, into a mining family in Wales, Stephen had no formal theological training and had no plans to become a minister, yet God called him out of the mines to become an awesome preacher of the full gospel, with signs following, in the time of George Jeffreys (his brother) and Smith Wigglesworth.

Soon after the Welsh revival, in which he was converted, the Pentecostal work began in Sunderland, England, under, the leadership of Alexander. A. Boddy. Stephen and his brother George were initially uncertain about this new movement, but when Stephen's son Edward, had a Pentecostal experience they attended some Pentecostal meetings in Maestag in 1908. Here they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and began to speak in tongues. Stephen saw an immediate increase in effectiveness in his evangelistic work.

He conducted a 3-day crusade in Cwmtwrch in October 1912 which lasted for seven weeks, witnessing astonishing healings and conversions. He went from there to Pen-Y-Bont where a woman whose foot was soon to be amputated was instantly healed. Stephen went to Llanelly where he began his own church and remained for seven years.

It was here that the famous miracle occurred. One night while preaching a vision appeared on the wall of the church. It was of a lamb which changed into the face of Jesus, with tears running down his face. Hundreds of people saw the vision which lasted for hours as people came to see this spectacle. Stephen believed it had appeared as a sign of suffering that was about to occur. A few weeks later World War 2 began.

In 1920 Stephen joined his brother George who had begun the Elim Pentecostal Alliance. They planted a church in Dowlais and Stephen became its pastor. In 1924 Stephen and George went to the United States and Canada where they visited Aimee Semple McPherson at Angelus Temple in Los Angeles. She made a great impression on the brothers.

In 1926 Stephen joined the Assemblies of God of Britain and Ireland. He travelled to United States, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, always seeing powerful healings and miracles. In 1933 he travelled to Sweden and Norway. The work was very intense and schedule took its toll on Stephen's health. His last years were spent in quiet retirement with his daughter May in Porthcawl, Wales. He went to be with the Lord on November 17, 1943.
Well done good and faithful servant!