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Swallowed by Life


One woman's miraculous healing from terminal cancer


Liz Woodgate with Mary Austin



Product Description:

Swallowed by Life is a truly remarkable story – a story of faith defeating fear, of hope defeating despair, of trust defeating anxiety and of God's power defeating terminal illness. As the story unfolds, we're taken through a range of emotions – from the depths of despair to triumphant victory – and we encounter the reality of someone clinging to God. Pathos and humour combine to help us understand the working of a loving heavenly Father as he preserves the life of one of his precious children. This is a journey shared by a group of loving friends who faithfully prayed and refused to give in. When a hospital consultant recognises that persevering prayer is the only explanation for a miraculous healing, then God is clearly at work. In more than forty years of Christian ministry I've seen many healing miracles but this one stands out as one of the most extraordinary. Swallowed by Life inspires faith, perseverance and confidence in a mighty God who's concerned with every detail of life. He still heals today and this astonishing story demonstrates this wonderful truth.

David Fellingham is a renowned Bible teacher, songwriter and
author. He is based at King's Church, Horsham, West Sussex.