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Genderless Anointing


There is neither male or female


Dr Claudette King



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'Genderless Anointing, There is Neither Male nor Female' details how a preconceived ideology birthed in Greek philosophy found a satisfying embrace and welcoming acceptance within the walls of religion.Cushioned by a scriptural misconception and its erroneous translation; this doctrine permeated the corridors of time infecting the world in its wake.As more and more it becomes evident that the previous belief regarding women was not the original intent of God, and Paul's writing in Corinthians was certainly misunderstood and wrongly interpreted. Though some have now accepted this, many are still adamantly holding to the specious teaching and by it have indoctrinated a large populous of the Christian community.However, with the breakthrough of revelation and undeniable demonstration of God's anointing on women as on men, the quandary now is, how do we admit and correct the error which has been taught for eons?This book provides its reader with clarity that will liberate minds, views, and actions for this and other generations for decades to come.